8VC traditionally invests in companies that tackle industry-wide problems by reimagining traditional paradigms and helping modernize some of our oldest technological infrastructure. That’s why we invested in and launched Esper...

Esper is the Future of Governance

Alex Kolicich explains why Deliverr is poised to fix the fulfillment industry

Why We Invested in Deliverr

At 8VC we invest in technologies with the capacity to transform antiquated processes in old-line industries. In the private sector, one of the least tech-enabled industries is Law.

Technology and the Future of Law

While my title says “VC”, I first and foremost identify as a maker. I have always focused not only on how and why things work, but how to make them operate with greater efficiency.

Leading with Empathy

8VC is thrilled to announce our investment in Assembly Brands, an innovative consumer product platform building crave-worthy brands for a new generation.

Assembling a Modern Brand

John Tenet writes on why he joined 8VC and his vision for the firm.

Reboot Defense with Technological Innovation

A suite of reforms aimed at unseating corrupt players, increasing access to healthcare data, and aligning incentives towards quality care could save our country as much as $900 billion a year.

How to Save $900 Billion Annually in American Healthcare

America should harness entrepreneurial innovation in higher education by financially rewarding for-profit colleges only if they help students succeed in the American economy.

For-Profit College Incomes Should Mirror Student Outcomes

America’s reactive model of kidney care enriches an oligopolistic dialysis industry, wastes billions of dollars a year, and creates worse health outcomes for millions of Americans each decade

The Dialysis Industry is Failing America

Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and others supported a separate, lower capital gains tax rate. A lower capital gains rate encourages investors to reallocate funds from existing investments to higher-growth companies, stimulating economic progress and creating jobs for American workers

The Case for a Separate, Lower Capital Gains Tax Rate

Human relationships are the basic fabric of any economic transaction. Whether a 1-to-1 handshake deal or a complex, multi-year merger process between multiple corporations, markets run on personal relationships between people.

Technology and Business Relationships

State governments should competitively reimburse private prisons that are most effective at reducing recidivism and helping prisoners reintegrate into normal American life. Only by rewiring incentives can we attract the best and brightest entrepreneurs to solving America's mass incarceration nightmare.

Align Incentives to Solve Recidivism

CEOs shouldn’t worry about their budget all the time — on a day-to-day basis they should work on managing their company, building an awesome product, developing key relationships, identifying distribution channels, etc.

A Note for Startup CEOs on Budget Chats

America faces a mounting transportation crisis, and the primary culprit is road congestion. Traffic makes us unhealthy, wastes enormous amounts of time, and cripples national productivity. America needs expanded roads and transportation infrastructure, but traditional gas tax funding is no longer available.

Fight Traffic With Congestion Pricing

Yesterday, on Tuesday, November 21, Heather Mack of the WSJ published an article entitled “Joe Lonsdale-Backed Blink Health Faces Potential Loss of Half of Its Customers.” The article is a response to a lawsuit brought by our investment Blink Health...

Our Reaction to WSJ’s recent coverage of Blink Health’s lawsuit

When an employee of a privately held technology company leaves the company and exercises her stock options, she typically has 3 months to qualify for favorable tax treatment. However, if there has been a run up in the value of the company since the options were originally granted, the employee may face enormous tax obligations.

Tax Reform: A Silicon Valley Perspective

Joe Lonsdale and Jack Abraham are pleased to announce the launch of Terminal, a talent group which will enable technology companies to access top talent worldwide.

Announcing Terminal

The private equity industry, though much-maligned, plays a vital role in making America's economy run more efficiently. In the coming years, elements of the PE and VC industries will begin to share strategies and best practices.

In Defense of Private Equity

Eugene Kleiner is a legendary figure in Silicon Valley - a great technologist, entrepreneur, and investor. In this essay we reflect on "Kleiner's Laws" for investing successfully.

Kleiner’s Laws

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, legendary female leaders have shaped the course of our economic destiny. I am proud to consider the women here friends, mentors, and role models — and hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us at 8VC.

8 Entrepreneurial Women Who Inspire Us

Today, there are more than 5.5 million unfilled jobs in the U.S. labor market, up from 3.2 million just five years ago. It’s not due to a lack of workers aspiring for better jobs, but a lack of workers qualified for the very positions employers need filled. America is facing a skills gap that only continues to grow as innovation outpaces our education system.

The Future Of Our Economy Rests On Innovating Our Higher Education System

We recently conducted a survey of what our portfolio CEOs say they want most from a venture capital firm. What do entrepreneurs think about the inner workings of a VC?

Do VCs Know What Entrepreneurs Really Want?

Wisdom is very often dialectical in nature. Extreme, conflicting viewpoints are often simultaneous true – whether in business or more broadly in human life.

The Importance of Dialectics

The fear that robots will soon take your jobs has a grain of truth to it - however, the future paves the way for more jobs for humans, based in technological innovation

The Future of Labor pt. II – Jobs

Operations Director Caroline Graham describes how 8VC manages our network of investors, entrepreneurs, and fellow venture firms more smoothly than vinyl.

Operations Disco at 8VC

Inspired by our piece ‘A Deficit of Leadership’, two up-and-coming leaders in our community shared some of the most important principles of leadership below. We’re excited to see what’s next for Aneesh Pappu and Josh Singer.

8 Principles of Great Leadership

New technologies can enable organic, market-driven solutions to regulatory problems, but only if they escape legislative straitjackets

Illinois Legislators [Accidentally] Prevent Improvements in Worker Safety

This is the first installment in a two part series. Here we unpack the philosophical and evolutionary assumptions at work in the debate over technological unemployment. In Future of Labor II, we will discuss the economics of new job creation and chart several industries of the future which will create employment opportunities for American workers.

The Future of Labor pt. I – Keynes

In the wake of the $125 billion Pentagon waste scandal, the case for transparency and data-driven financial reporting is stronger than ever.

It’s Time to Open the Pentagon’s Books

One of the most important jobs of a great leader is to attract great talent. How adaptable you are as a firm depends in part upon the how your company is organized, but most of all it depends upon the people operating it.

Who’s Your Replacement?

We recently put together a speech outlining the major functions of a modern Venture Capitalist. These notes from the speech articulate our basic framework for thinking about the shifting nature of the Venture Capital industry.

8 Essential Skills of a VC

This topic of how to value experience and how and when to hire experienced leaders into a startup comes up a lot. It's a source of a lot of confusion and controversy - here are some of the ways we think about it.

Bring in the “Adults”?

Learn how design extends beyond UX/UI to add value to cross-functional startup teams.

Design’s Value Across Startup Teams

Brett Cummings explores the fine print of the SAFE agreement in his assessment of whether SAFEs are the best method for aligning investor and entrepreneur incentives.

SAFE vs. Convertible Promissory Note

Drew Oetting does a deep dive into the specific metrics startups should use to benchmark their performance.

Metrics: The Writing on the Wall

In this essay we discuss leadership and a serious cultural issue: the failure of Silicon Valley to train world-class leaders.

A Deficit of Leadership

GSAM interviews Joe Lonsdale on his view on big data and examines some of the companies pushing the boundaries of the technology today.

Interview: Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Joe Lonsdale

Secretary of State George P. Shultz of the Hoover Institution shares his thoughts on attitude, credit, and progress.

Mentorship and Problem Solving with Secretary George Shultz

Pittsburgh was a prominent economic hub during the American Industrial Revolution. It might well be an important city in the American Information Age, too.

Pittsburgh: A New Tech Hub?

In this piece published on Tech Crunch, Joe explores the wisdom of caps on convertible notes and other issues of investor - entrepreneur alignment in financing structures.

Practice Safe Financing

Although certain TV portrayals are clearly unrealistic or over the top for comedic value, this episode dealt with a lot of issues we face in our industry.

Real World Parallels to Last Night’s Episode of Silicon Valley

With 8VC’s focus on smart enterprise, we often emphasize engineering and tech culture, but this is only a part of the picture. It’s critical to incorporate design for companies to thrive.

Design at 8VC

According to our partner Kimmy Scotti, the best part of her role at 8VC is working with our founders and their amazing teams. After recent marketing hackathons with Plated and OpenCare, she shares her key learnings.

MARKETING HACKATHON: Building a Testing Culture

Blend Labs is fixing the back-end of one of the most important areas of our economy, the mortgage industry, to help improve the financial system and prevent housing bubbles. In this post, we explain why Blend is an exemplary 'Smart Enterprise' company.

Why Blend is Awesome

At the start of our first 8VC fund, after getting feedback from our team, Joe wrote a holiday note about the values of 8VC and how he is influenced by Tikkun Olam, the Jewish concept of philanthropy and the duty to work to fix the world.

8VC – Our Values

Ambassador Andy Young is one of the great men of our times. In this post we share some extremely valuable lessons we learned from him after spending an evening together.

Nine Lessons From a Living Legend, Ambassador Andy Young

History, Dealing with Success, Operational Debt, and The S-curve that Makes the Next Decade Really Important

A Few Ideas from the Trenches – Part 2

Explore a handful of clever ideas that we have learned or applied recently.

A Few Ideas from the Trenches

Our team is proud to lead the early-stage round in Branch. Branch will apply cutting-edge machine learning to the data available on smartphones to enable access to credit to millions of people around the world.

Announcing our Investment in Branch

Joe Lonsdale recently shared his perspective on entrepreneurship: “Great entrepreneurs see the world with a positive sum mindset.”

Advice for Entrepreneurs in UK Magazine

As a student in the 90s, Marissa Mayer was dubbed a campus icon in a Stanford Daily column about distinctive individuals on campus. The article referred to her as “the blonde woman in the upper-division computer science classes” without a single mention of her name, yet those terse descriptors were more than enough to identify the now-CEO of Yahoo, as she was one of the small handful of women in the department at the time.

Economic Conservatives Should Champion Female Technologists

The reality is technologists hold great power in the world, and not only does big industry need our help right now, but so do a lot of the most important causes.

Technologists’ Duty Can Go Beyond For-Profit Industries

Healthcare consumes more than 17% of US GDP, and our government is on course to go bankrupt based on promises it’s made in the space.

Why Oscar Is The Most Important Startup In NY

Technology is not reaching its full potential, but we think that world-changing applications are closer (and different) than people realize.

On The Founding And Mission of OpenGov

These lessons summarize what Joe Lonsdale learned from working over many years with Peter Thiel, a chairman and founder of Palantir.

Lessons from Peter Thiel

By the time that Alexander the Great’s armies had conquered most of the known world, it had become much harder to get the men to fight — even for one of the most talented and inspiring leaders that has ever lived.

Then the Gods Gave me Pride

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