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8VC’s Journey with Yugabyte and Yugabyte’s Series C Announcement The New Smart Enterprise is here. At 8VC, we have been continually enamored by the digital revolutions taking place within many pivotal and economically important enterprises as they adapt to the modern age. The first principles of The 8VC Smart Enterprise Wave (2013) – disrupting industries […]

Televising the Application Revolution

A $200B Opportunity for Policymakers and Entrepreneurs Since we published our proposal on “How to Save $900B Annually in American Healthcare” three years ago, the crisis facing the US healthcare system has deepened. Spending continues to grow at twice the rate of GDP, reaching $3.8 trillion in 2019 even as health outcomes stagnate.[1] This steady […]

Steering American Healthcare From the Brink

The past year underscored the vital role healthcare plays in our lives: we relied on doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and countless others to keep us and our loved ones safe during a devastating pandemic. For many, the experience was also a sharp reminder of how confusing, impersonal, and expensive our healthcare system can be. From […]

We Are Bullish on Oscar and Its Audacity to Transform Healthcare**

Today’s IPO marks an important milestone for Wish and an exciting day for our firm. Over the last decade, CEO and founder Peter Szulczewski and his team grew their company from a small ad recommendation engine into America’s third largest e-commerce platform. As investors, we co-led the angel round in 2010, led the Series A […]

Reflections on our investment in Wish

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    Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.