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Over the past several years we have written dozens of essays on a variety of topics ranging from our investment theses and macroeconomic analyses to character studies and philosophical musings.

Though we sometimes release essays commenting on current trends in Silicon Valley or announcing new hires or projects at 8VC, more often we describe the lessons we’ve learned about how to build successful startups, the intricacies of VC-entrepreneur relations, and principles of leadership and good governance. At the other end of the spectrum we write a variety of pieces on policy issues including transportation, education, and regulatory state.

The Coming Transformation

July 2012

This paper discusses the present age of creative destruction. New technologies will disrupt major industries, creating a large transfer of wealth and power in the global economy.

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The Smart Enterprise Wave

January 2013

This paper describes the urgent need and unprecedented opportunity for Smart Enterprise platforms to enable app-driven innovation and disrupt large, old-line industries. There exist a variety of network effects and winner-take-all dynamics during this one-time event in which the original, closed technology infrastructure in these industries is opened up, and upgraded to leverage big data.

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The Future of Labor pt. I - Keynes

January 2017

This is the first installment in a two part series. Here we unpack the philosophical and evolutionary assumptions at work in the debate over technological unemployment. In Future of Labor II, we will discuss the economics of new job creation and chart several industries of the future which will create employment opportunities for American workers.

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A Deficit of Leadership

August 2016

In this essay we discuss leadership and a serious cultural issue: the failure of Silicon Valley to train world-class leaders.

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Lessons from Peter Thiel

April 2010

These lessons summarize what Joe Lonsdale learned from working over many years with Peter Thiel, a chairman and founder of Palantir.

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Healthcare IT Thesis

March 2018

The healthcare industry is one of the pillars of the American economy. National healthcare expenditures account for nearly 20% of GDP, or three trillion dollars.

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The Latest from Our Blog

8VC traditionally invests in companies that tackle industry-wide problems by reimagining traditional paradigms and helping modernize some of our oldest technological infrastructure. That’s why we invested in and launched Esper...

Esper is the Future of Governance

Alex Kolicich explains why Deliverr is poised to fix the fulfillment industry

Why We Invested in Deliverr

At 8VC we invest in technologies with the capacity to transform antiquated processes in old-line industries. In the private sector, one of the least tech-enabled industries is Law.

Technology and the Future of Law

While my title says “VC”, I first and foremost identify as a maker. I have always focused not only on how and why things work, but how to make them operate with greater efficiency.

Leading with Empathy

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