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Alex Moore

Alex Moore focuses on incubating companies through 8VC’s Build Program, Defense, building talent networks and fundamental operational support for the portfolio. Alex also focuses on enterprise, defense and seed. Prior to joining 8VC Alex was a startup operator for 12 years. Alex was the first employee and Director of Operations at Palantir Technologies, a data analytics company, growing the team from one room to 350 people, $100mm in sales. Alex co-founded Backplane, a social media analytics company, and NodePrime, a cloud automation company which was acquired in 2016 by Ericsson.

After his operator career, Alex invested in over 50 seed-stage companies. Alex sits on the boards of Palantir, Epirus, Premise Data, Nylas, Quaestor, Anduin Transactions and FieldGuide. Alex graduated from Stanford University in 2005 with a BA in Economics.

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.