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Bhaskar Ghosh

Bhaskar Ghosh (“BG”) is the CTO at 8VC, having initially joined the company as an Advisor in December 2015. Since receiving his PhD in Computer Science from Yale, BG has had a distinguished career in Silicon Valley, working for 20+ years in technology leadership in diverse domains including enterprise data and web infrastructure, digital advertising, social networks, and consumer fintech. Previously, he ran technology at Nerdwallet as VP of Engineering, helped build the teams and back-ends that helped fuel LinkedIn’s meteoric growth as its Head of Data Engineering, and led engineering for the pioneering Yahoo! Right Media Display Advertising Exchange. BG built his deep technology and data chops developing RDMBS kernels at top enterprise data-platform companies like Oracle and Informix. At 8VC, BG is excited to work with the entrepreneurs and leaders in our portfolio as a virtual CTO, and in finding the next big investment idea across technology domains.

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.