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8VC created the Build program in 2016 to channel the magic that built Palantir — which succeeded due to its mission-driven leadership and top engineering culture — into incubating new generational companies. Through Build, we partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and engineers to identify and act on conceptual gaps in markets. 

8VC Build companies are either initially driven by internal theses or our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. We begin the Build process based on internal theses when 8VC has deep expertise in a space, and finds a problem we are uniquely qualified to address. EIRs also initiate the Build process by joining 8VC with a problem or vertical already in mind, which we help them focus. 

From day one, we work directly with entrepreneurs in the “Zero to One” process to give our companies unfair advantages in whatever space they operate in. Recent Build verticals include logistics, insurtech, govtech, and robotics. At the end of the incubation process, Build companies raise seed rounds and are positioned to scale rapidly.


If you want to start or join an early-stage company, here’s what you will find at 8VC Build:


Creative freedom: We bring in top talent because we want to learn from you and see what you can build. We can make you one promise: you won’t be told what to do here. As an EIR or engineer for one of our Build companies, you are expected to research new ideas, test new products, and ultimately shape an industry-transforming company.

Impact potential: We only build companies that we think have massive potential. At every point in the incubation process, we ask ourselves two questions: “What are we accomplishing now that could not be accomplished 5 years ago?” and “How does this company become a billion-dollar business?” 8VC partners have experience both accelerating early stage startups and scaling industry-leading companies like Palantir and Linkedin. We know how to encourage big-picture thinking and we also also understand how to hone in on a specific problem as a first use-case.

Network: From day one, 8VC Build companies have immediate access to our vast network of advisors and industry leaders. Every 8VC Build companies’ early advisors include pioneers of their respective industries, and we leverage the 8VC network to connect our EIRs and engineers to industry titans. For example, Andrew Berberick and Nate Robert, the co-founders of the last-mile logistics company Baton, workshopped their early idea with the former Chief Commercial Officer of UPS and the CEO of Walmart Transportation. The board of Figure 1, a recently-incubated skincare company, includes the heads of Harvard and Stanford Dermatology. In addition to top-tier industry connections, 8VC Build companies also have access to entrepreneurs within our 250+ company portfolio.

Ease of access to funding: The number one reason most startups fail is that they cannot raise sufficient funds to execute their vision. 8VC Build completely eliminates this risk at the seed stage and significantly reduces it as the company scales. After a successful proof of concept, 100% of 8VC Build companies raise seed rounds, led by 8VC. We continue to work closely with our Build companies throughout the company life cycle, using our fundraising expertise and network to help raise capital for Build companies at the Series A, B, C rounds and beyond.


Past Successes



Addepar is a wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics and performance reporting. Founded by Joe Lonsdale and Jason Mirra in 2009 in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Addepar focuses on providing large fund managers the data visibility and tools they need to make better decisions for their clients. Adeppar currently has over $2B of assets on the platform and has raised 363M.



In 2014, 8VC found that the existing relationship management software did not serve our firm’s needs, and decided to build our own. Searching for founders, Joe Lonsdale called the top engineering clubs at Stanford and asked who the best hackers on campus were. Everyone pointed to Shudham Goel and Ray Zhou, who also happened to be best friends. Goel and Zhou joined 8VC as EIRs and built what became Affinity. The company now has over 1,000 venture capital firms using its software as the core CRM and system of record for operations. Affinity was founded in 2015 and has raised $40M.



Anduin is a fintech company that brings transparency and trust to primary and secondary transactions in the private market. Anduin integrates every major aspect of the transaction workflow — including due diligence, milestone reporting, auditing, and deal negotiation — onto a smart, automated platform which guides all parties end-to-end, from the first handshake to the final wiring of money. Anduin was founded in 2014 and is backed by 8VC and 500 Startups.



Baton is solving the dreaded “last-mile” problem in the trucking industry, building “drop zones” for long-haul trucks outside urban areas and developing software to optimize delivery times. Andrew Berberick and Nate Robert built Baton after spending 9 months studying the logistics space with our investment team and whiteboarding with top industry executives, including the Chief Commercial Officer at UPS, the Chief Information Officer at Schneider, and the CEO of Walmart Transportation. Baton was founded in 2019 and has raised $3.3M.



Epirus is a defense-tech company building artificial intelligence systems and directed energy weapons that enable unmatched offensive and defensive electromagnetic pulse capabilities. The executive team includes Microsoft’s former National Security Lead (who is also a Navy SEAL), a 10-year technical director from Raytheon, and the former CFO of Northrop Grumman. Epirus was founded in 2018 and has raised $75M.



Esper is a govtech company with an ambitious mission: making the administrative state more adaptive, intelligent, and transparent. The average state legal code contains between 100,000-200,000 individual restrictions, and the current legislative process occurs either on pen and paper or in primitive Microsoft Word email chains. With its cloud-based software, Esper manages the end-to-end policymaking process, streamlining collaboration, task management, and public comment collection, and creates a single source of truth for all policy-making activity. Esper was founded in 2019 and is based in Austin, Texas.



Gatsby is an event management platform that helps companies automate the event planning process. Gatsby’s tools are designed to empower executive assistants, the most popular profession for female workers in the U.S. Zach Rivkin, Joe Lonsdale’s former Chief of Staff, co-founded Gatsby when he realized that the workflow tools available to executive assistants were not sufficient for many aspects of the job, particularly organizing large events. Gatsby spun out of 8VC in 2020 and has raised seed funding from both 8VC and Pear Ventures.



HDVI provides carriers with high-quality telematics and an integrated suite of software and support, in addition to a smart, competitive insurance policy. HDVI was founded by former 8VC logistics investor Reid Spitz, who teamed up with the former CEO of Esurance to fill a massive need in the trucking market: offering fleet insurance for mid-sized carriers, historically the toughest size group to insure. HDVI was founded in 2017 and has raised $16M.



Hearth is a fintech company tackling the $300B home improvement market by helping homeowners make smarter financial decisions about their renovations. Hearth works directly with homeowners to build accurate budgets for home remodeling to reduce debt and cost delays. Hearth uses its relationships with Lending Club, SoFi, Prosper, and other lenders to connect users directly with affordable financing options. Hearth was founded in 2016 by Joe Lonsdale and Anthony Ghosn and is backed by 8VC, Founders Fund, and other prominent Silicon Valley investors.



OpenGov is a govtech company that provides cloud-based solutions for public sector budgeting, performance management, and citizen engagement. OpenGov brings modern enterprise software solutions to government, replacing 30-year-old legacy systems that made it impossible to track where money was spent, share data with elected officials who needed it to govern, and communicate it to citizens. OpenGov was founded in 2012 and has raised 128M.



Quaestor is a fintech company building an automated data platform to improve communication and operational planning between startups and investors. Founders can use Quaestor to automatically produce reports, customize the level of transparency, and share information quickly and efficiently. CEOs, board members, and investors have easy access to timely, detailed, and verified information. As part of the Build program, Quaestor’s founding team interviewed dozens of VCs and early-stage CEOs to determine the best practices for reporting and communication at modern-day tech startups. Quaestor’s co-founders then piloted their collaboration tools in the 8VC portfolio to prove product-market fit. Quaestor was founded in 2020 and has raised $6M.



Qualia is an end-to-end real estate closing platform that brings the entire real-estate closing team (buyer, seller, title agent, lender, real estate agent) onto one platform to increase understanding, visibility and efficiency. Qualia was built when founder and CEO Nate Baker, then an investor at 8VC, realized most innovation in real estate only connected buyers and sellers, but did not digitize the rest of the closing process. Qualia was founded in 2015 and has raised $95M. 



Resilience is a next-gen biopharmaceutical manufacturing company that is modernizing the medical supply chain and drug development process. Born out of frustrations with the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Resilience was founded to bring today’s biopharma manufacturing up to speed with scientific innovation, medical discovery, and the need rapidly produce and distribute critically important drugs at scale. Resilience has raised over $800M led by ARCH Venture Partners and 8VC.



Socotra is a modern, enterprise-grade core system that enables global insurers to accelerate product development, reduce maintenance costs, and improve customer experiences. Socotra’s flexible, cloud-native solution unifies underwriting, rating, policy management, claims, billing, reporting, and more. Socotra was founded in 2014 by Dan Woods, a venture partner at Formation 8 and the former Head of Partnerships at Palantir, and has raised $28M.


Swiftscale Biologics

SwiftScale Biologics enables drug development in one-tenth of the time of the traditional protein drug scale-up process. Founder and CEO David Mace built SwiftScale after 9 months of studying the biology industry with 8VC’s Bio-IT team. While an EIR at 8VC, Mace found that the biggest limiting factor in bringing a new drug to a clinical trial is manufacturing the requisite number of drugs to run the trial, so he built a platform to accelerate this process. Mace has since partnered with two professors from Northwestern and Cornell. SwiftScale Bio was founded in 2019 and has raised $10.5M.



A joint partnership between 8VC and Echo Energy, Zeno is building the next-generation data platform for oil and gas exploration and production, replacing a broken legacy system that one customer described as “about as easy to use as slamming your hand in a car door repeatedly.” Zeno combines Silicon Valley’s agile engineering culture with deep connections to the oil and gas industry, creating an unfair advantage in a space that has traditionally lagged in modernizing its software platforms. Zeno is currently being incubated out of Echo’s offices in Oklahoma City.

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