Our Mission

We are a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, engineers, financiers, and philosophers who have in many cases worked together for years. We value operating experience and action, but also new ideas and creative theories. Our unique blend of strengths and worldviews enables us to model investment opportunities using multiple frameworks and help companies succeed in unparalleled ways.


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Industry transformation

If an engineer comes up with a clever new game, everyone can play it right away. But if she develops a new way of using information to make heart surgeries more successful, she has to build it thousands of times to get it to work with the messy, legacy technology infrastructure that exists in that industry. The same problems exist in most areas of finance, government, utilities, logistics, and so many other of our most important industries. Let’s fix this.

Our entrepreneurs

“Joe believed in us before most others did, and was there to help us when we needed him during our most challenging times. He has been one of our most valuable investors and we are excited to be his friend and allies in whatever he does next.”

Peter Szulcewski, CEO at Wish

“Joe is a great friend and partner. He was an awesome board member at RelateIQ and I’m glad that we’re still finding ways to work together on his fund portfolio and beyond – any entrepreneur should be excited to work with him and his team.”

Steve Loughlin, CEO at RelateIQ

We knew Joe, Drew and 8VC were the right investors for BuildZoom during our first meeting with them. The entrepreneurial spirit is hard coded into their DNA. As a founder with multiple successes under his belt, Joe is able to provide guidance from a place of experience. As a firm, they help us stay focused on immediate goals while always inspiring us to expand our vision of the future. Some investors talk about how they are going to help; they just make things happen. I can honestly say we wouldn’t have climbed as high over the past couple years without 8 | partners.

Jiyan Wei, Founder at BuildZoom

We met Alex and Joe at a critical time in our company. As a small team managing a product that quickly grew to millions of users, we needed help building a team, and many of the early important hires came through their direct referrals. I consider them to be real partners in our business, not just removed investors, and I can’t imagine a better group to be working with for the long term.

Kevin Guo, CEO at Castle
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