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Drew Oetting

Drew focuses primarily on enterprise and consumer software investments.

He is a founding Board Director of Affinity Technologies, an early stage enterprise software company. Previously Drew served as chief of staff to Joe Lonsdale (Formation 8 Founding Partner). Drew serves on the Competitiveness Council for Cerberus Capital Management. He is also a Trustee to LivingOnOne, a non-profit impact production studio; WeAreThorn, a NGO which leverages technology to eliminate child trafficking; and the Claremont McKenna College Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Drew graduated with degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Claremont McKenna College. He was a Robert Day Scholar, two-time Bill Gates Investment Asset Management Fellow, CEO of the Student Investment Fund and served on the Board of Trustees. In college he played varsity golf and sang in a professional a capella group. Drew is originally from Iowa City, Iowa and enjoys tennis, golf, snowboarding and philosophy.

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.