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The healthcare industry is one of the pillars of the American economy. National healthcare expenditures account for nearly 20% of GDP, or three trillion dollars.

Healthcare IT Thesis

March 2018

This paper draws on the work of economist Carlota Perez in developing the thesis that private technology companies are not in a speculative bubble. We argue instead that the world is currently in the "golden age" of the technological revolution set off by the invention of the internet.

Tech Bubble or Golden Age?

July 2016

This paper discusses a feedback cycle unleashed by the mobile ecosystem in the SMB space. As customer acquisition costs plummet for software vendors and SMBs benefit from new data and technology, hundreds of billions of dollars of value is being created.

The Quiet SMB Revolution of the 2010s

April 2015

This paper discusses the most important challenge faced by entrepreneurs building tech companies, and offers several foundational areas of focus for leaders tackling this issue.

Building An Engineering Culture

September 2014

This paper highlights the risks of investing blindly in what is popular and differentiates Smart Enterprise from ‘Big Data’.

The Conventionalization Of ‘Big Data’

November 2013

This paper describes the market opportunity for start-ups that are bold enough to tackle business-to-government services and business models.

B2G: The Excitement Of An Old-Line Industry

October 2013

This paper describes a critical dimension of competitive advantage: building enterprise technology platforms that become the underlying infrastructure for valuable ecosystems of applications.

Platform Plays

July 2013

This paper describes the urgent need and unprecedented opportunity for Smart Enterprise platforms to enable app-driven innovation and disrupt large, old-line industries. There exist a variety of network effects and winner-take-all dynamics during this one-time event in which the original, closed technology infrastructure in these industries is opened up, and upgraded to leverage big data.

The Smart Enterprise Wave

January 2013

This paper discusses the theory and practice behind winning pre-growth investments.

Angel Investing

July 2012

This paper discusses the present age of creative destruction. New technologies will disrupt major industries, creating a large transfer of wealth and power in the global economy.

The Coming Transformation

July 2012

In 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that the number of transistors that could be packed onto a silicon chip would double every two years, and his prediction has been incredibly accurate.

The Traitorous Eight

February 2012

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