Design is a bridge between man and machine. Exceptional design and engineering will produce compelling products and ultimately, successful companies.


Design is a process that starts with defined problems and ends with intentional solutions. It requires analysis and synthesis; curiosity and experimentation.

Be User-Centric

Great products start with a great user experience. They build on the knowledge of the user— taking all factors into account such as mindset, environment, and workflow.

Form & Function

Form builds trust through aesthetics. Function improves on the execution of tasks in our daily lives and workplaces. Today, products cannot win with only one and not the other.

Design with Data

Design should be informed and can be enriched with qualitative and quantitative data. Explore and experiment, test and iterate to arrive at engaging solutions.

Global Impact by Design

8VC portfolio companies are using design to solve hard problems across global industries.

Designing health insurance to be simple, intuitive, and human.

“Design is one of the most powerful tools we have at Oscar. Currently, having health insurance is like throwing money into a big, black box—there’s no transparency in how it works. With design, we can help people understand what’s going on by taking our knowledge of this complicated system and distilling it in a friendly, human way. Our goal is to create an experience that people want to engage with because it helps them get the best care.”

—Bryan Young & Josh Long, Oscar Design Team

Taking the complexity out of finance.

“Design has been completely ignored in finance-tech. The traditional approach in the industry is to throw additional manpower to conduct mindless tasks. By prioritising the user experience, Addepar is creating a product that will relieve those in finance from that burden, and give them the freedom to conduct the higher-level thought and analysis that creates more meaningful value. Our product will allow users to do things that they previously had no ability to do before.”

—Hana Kim, Senior UX Designer

Strengthen relationships between citizens and governments.

“We’re taking massively-complex financial information — usually only found in multi-hundred page PDFs — and creating a product that government leaders and their constituents can actually understand. With OpenGov, anyone can see how their tax dollars are being spent and answer the questions they have with just a few clicks. Our vision is to bring this level of accessible financial transparency to every government in the world.”

—Zach Johnston, Creative Director

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