Data Science

At 8VC, we view data science as a powerful tool for making decisions. Data gives us the ability to harness past experiences and knowledge to understand and predict future events. This gives our companies an edge to move quickly in the right direction.


Data products and insights are constantly evolving. We push for fast solutions with rapid iteration from stakeholders.

Ruthless Pragmatism

Our companies employ the simplest solutions *that work*, knowing that they have the resources to deploy complex machinery when they need it.

Full-stack Data Science

We help our companies develop a data vision, strategize on data products, scoping projects, prototyping solutions, recruiting hires, and interviewing candidates. There's no need to re-invent the wheel, when we can bring the experience of *all* our companies.

Professional Network

Our industry and academic networks allow us to bring in any expertise our portfolio companies may need. We can connect you to experts in any subdomain of data science and help you solve your hardest problems.

Extracting Insights from Data

Contractor Indexing

BuildZoom has created the largest database of contractors in the United States. In order to properly match contractors with relevant jobs, BuildZoom needed to determine contractor qualifications. They did this by scraping all public building permits. We helped them find data scientists to cluster contractors based on building permits and create a taxonomy of contractor jobs. Then we used this taxonomy to classify jobs. This ultimately will roll into a smart contractor matching system.

Connect with Us

Office Hours

Join us for office hours.
From high-level questions to detailed problems, our resident data scientist Francisco Gimenez can give you hands-on help.


Data Science Fellowship

We strongly believe in bringing in and mentoring intelligent, motivated data scientists. Join our data science rotation fellowship and work with our companies on real projects.

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.