At 8VC we’re heavily involved in outreach throughout the technical community. These efforts are key to our central mission of fixing a broken world with game changing technical solutions.

Fellowship Program

The 8VC Fellowship is an immersive 3-month internship program that places undergraduate students into the world’s most innovative startups.


    Design Accelerator

    Design is a bridge between man and machine, transitioning analog experiences to digital ones. Exceptional design and engineering will produce compelling products and ultimately, successful companies.

    Whitespace helps 8VC portfolio companies build their design teams. The Whitespace Design Fellowship is a selective program connecting product designers with rising tech startups in Silicon Valley.

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    Data Science

    We view data science as a powerful tool for making decisions. Data gives us the ability to harness past experiences and knowledge to understand and predict future events. With enough data – such as the microbiome of thousands of people or flight data from electric VTOL aircraft – we can quickly develop new and crucial answers to give our companies an edge in moving quickly in the right direction.

    From high-level questions to detailed problems, our resident data scientist Francisco Gimenez can give you hands-on help.




    Argive’s mission is to power a transparent rule making process that is accountable and accessible to all. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, they work with government to supply free technical resources that make it easy to manage regulations, visualize their impacts, and communicate with citizens on important policy decisions.

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    Thorn joins forces with the sharpest minds from tech, non-profit, government and law enforcement. They work to stop the spread of child sexual abuse material and stand up to child traffickers. They’re also uncovering new kinds of abuse, and fighting those too.

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    Grey Space

    Grey Space is a place to share and learn from uncomfortable workplace situations that threaten professional success.

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    Silicon Valley Self-Regulation

    Silicon Valley Self-Regulation promotes fairness, transparency, and innovation through education, resources, and community organization. We work to find the best ways to do business and spread that knowledge to everybody working in the tech world.

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      Our success comes from our team, our investment principles, and our community. Our fellow investors, entrepreneurs, advisors, friends, and other allies in the community all play a major role in how we source deals, learn about markets, and succeed as venture capitalists.

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      Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.