8VC Fellowship

The 8VC Fellowship is an all-encompassing summer program designed to build the technology leaders of tomorrow. The Fellowship will enable students to meet many of the top entrepreneurs and key players in Silicon Valley and beyond. The core of the Fellowship will involve two aspects, both of which we believe are vital to building out the entrepreneurial toolkit. The first aspect will be placement into some of the fastest growing companies in the Bay Area from 8VC’s portfolio, where you will work with and learn from world class founders and engineers. The second aspect of the program will be weekly events run at 8VC’s offices. The 8VC Fellowship is tailored towards computer science, bioengineering and bioinformatics majors.

Our firm’s founder, Joe Lonsdale, deeply believes that tomorrow’s technology entrepreneurs should develop their networks and skill sets by helping build world-class technology companies with some of the leading thinkers and operators at the peak of the technology world, from a young age. The 8VC Fellowship takes this idea as inspiration.

Weekly events will include speeches by notable technology industry CEOs, talks by our firm’s’ partners, social outings, and skill set workshops from many of the Valley’s top executives.

We are accepting applications from students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of college in the Spring of 2017. Graduate students can also apply, but their Fellowships would be built out in a customized setting for special cases. The program is currently accepting applications for the Summer of 2018.

Benefits of the Program

Harness 8VC’s amazing network of portfolio companies to lock up a top internship early in the academic year.

Get the “Backstage Pass” to Silicon Valley. 8VC Fellows will expand their networks with 8VC’s team, industry experts and entrepreneurs.


Build out your personal network with many top students from other schools and industry leaders.


Have Fun! Our weekly events will add a rich layer of professional and social interactions which will transform your summer.


Please submit your resumes and a short note about your interests to: Fellows@8VC.com

We Build High Impact Companies.

8VC has invested in many of the top companies in enterprise, logistics, consumer, medical and drug discovery technologies. We believe our companies will fundamentally fix industries making them smarter and work in better ways that leverage what’s possible with today’s technology.

Once Part of 8VC’s Network, Always Part of 8VC’s Network.

8VC is a firm that builds. We are excited to expand our networks and hope our Fellows will come back to us over and over again throughout their career for advice, job leads and with any help needed in starting their own companies.

Personal Growth.

The purpose of the 8VC Fellowship Program is help each individual become a more skilled, more talented, more mature and more confident person.

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow.

We believe summer programs should be directed, authentic and valuable. Our entire program is constructed to enable and accelerate young entrepreneurial talent.

Participating Companies


Who can apply for the program?

The 8VC Fellows Program is open to undergraduate students in computer science, bioengineering and related fields.

When can I apply?

Right now. Send your resume and a short note about your interests to Fellows@8VC.com by October 15th, 2017. We will place most interns in the Fall, but also will work with late applicants into the Winter for final fellowship slots.

What is the interview and selection process?

First, send us your resume. Then our team will review all resumes together and select a pool of applicants for technical phone screens. The students that pass our screens will be introduced to a few of our top portfolio companies who will then set up phone screens and in some cases an on-site visit. We will review each student’s preferences on the phone screen call as well to help place students at their desired startup or at a startup in the space they are interested in.

How many Fellows will 8VC accept?

10ish. We may expand the program.

Is the 8VC Fellows Program paid?

Yes. Salary will be negotiated between the Fellow and the company, however, 8VC will give strong guidance for each participating company. The average monthly summer salary for engineering interns in San Francisco is $6,800. We fully expect our companies to pay at or above this range.

Have more questions?

Send us an email at Fellows@8vc.com

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.