Scott Cook

Founder, Intuit
Early Board Member, eBay
Board Member, P&G

Stephen Harper

22nd Prime Minister of Canada,
Chairman and CEO, Harper & Associates

Jerry Yang

Founder, AME Cloud Ventures
Founder, Yahoo!

John Mack

Former CEO, Morgan Stanley
Former CEO, Credit Suisse

Harrison T. LeFrak

Vice Chairman at LeFrak

Ellen Siminoff

CEO, Shmoop

Karen White

Technology Industry Executive & Investor

Keri Findley


David Obrand

COO, Radius

Bhaskar Ghosh

VP of Engineering and Operations, Nerdwallet

Ashton Kutcher

Founder, Sound Ventures

Aaron Levie

CEO, Box

Alan Cohen

CCO, Illumio

Andrew Perlman

Chief Medical Officer of Velocity Pharmaceutical Development

Andrew Rubin

CEO, Illumio

Anthony Ghosn

CEO, Shogun

Charlie Songhurst

Leonardo DiCaprio

Academy Award® winning actor
Environmental activist
Chairman of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

D. Scott Phoenix

CEO, Vicarious

Dan Woods

CEO, Socotra

Daniel Saks

President & Co-CEO, AppDirect

Darian Shirazi

CEO, Radius

David Petersen

Founder, BuildZoom

David Wyler

Managing Director, Granaria Holdings

Eric Ly

Co-Founder, Presdo
Co-Founder/CTO, LinkedIn

Eric Poirier

CEO, Addepar

Haitao Zhang

Founder, iFly

Han Shen

Founder, iFly

Isaac Applbaum

SVP Corporate Affairs, Radius

Jack Oliver

Senior Advisor, Barclays
Founder, Bryan Cave Strategies

Jake Kloberdanz

Founder and CEO, ONEHOPE

Jiyan Wei

Founder, BuildZoom

Justin Rockefeller

Addepar, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Kevin Guo

Founder & CEO, Kiwi

Kristen Dumont

COO, Machine Zone, Inc.

Michael Milstein

CEO, Boylan Bottling
General Partner, Circle Ventures

Nate Morris

CEO, Rubicon Global

Nima Ghamsari

CEO, Blend Labs

Othman Laraki

Co-Founder, Color Genomics

Richard Weinberg

CEO, Terrace Tower Holdings

Ronnie Lott

Founder, Lott Auto Ventures
NFL Hall of Fame

Suna Said

CEO, Nima Capital

Tobey Maguire

Film Actor & Investor

Tom Baruch

Founder, CMEA Ventures
Partner Emeritus, Formation 8
Baruch Future Ventures

Vlad Novakovski

CEO, Elliot Technologies

Zachary Bookman

CEO, OpenGov

The community around 8VC sets us apart. The core advisors in our network coach our entrepreneurs and help them succeed by using their networks of talent and unique industry connections. They are a strong representation of our values both as entrepreneurs, investors, and friends. We are inspired that we get to work with some of the most talented and helpful minds of our generation.

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Get the latest 8VC news and updates straight to your inbox.